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Different types of kayaks

Depending on the structure, uses, sitting arrangement and the built there are several types of kayaks are available in the market. One will have to determine their priorities and then purchase the kayak accordingly. There are different types of kayaks offering different levels of flexibility and functionality.

  • Sit On Top: Sit on top is basically for those people who will go for kayaking activities in easy flowing waters or lake. One can usually encounter them in waters of the warm coastal region. You can easily get inside it or out whenever you need and you can also use it for casual purposes like on the swimming platform or playing near the lakeside cabin. It is very comfortable and enjoys the kayaking with sit on top whenever the water or air is warm. It comes with the scupper holes which helps in self-draining so you won't have to pump out the water. They are having more weight when compared to that of the sit-in kayaks.
  • Folding Kayaks: If you are living in an apartment which is quite small and you are a kayaking activity lover then you can easily plan your travel or hiking to the remote locations by using the folding kayak. They won't be offering you any rugged look similar to the hard shell ones, but it will be offering you with better handling and storing.

  • Inflatable kayaks: Similar to the folding boats they will also help in saving the storage space. Apart from being versatile, they are surprisingly sturdy. You can easily opt for the rugged and wide inflatables for kayaking in the flowing river as they have the habit of bouncing off the obstacles.
  • Tandem kayaks: Instead of purchasing two kayaks which will be solo you can definitely go for the Tandem Kayak. Tandem will offer you with better stability and it is also a good choice if you are thinking of taking your kids out. Tandem kayaks are very versatile.

It is very important to research properly whenever you are opting for kayaks. Depending on your requirement and budget, you will have to narrow down the choices from the best tandem kayaks.

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